Musicological Research...

My interests include...
  • Music of the English Musical Renaissance, especially that of Roger Quilter and Cyril Scott 
  • Dora Bright Knatchbull 
  • Dame Ethel Smyth 
  • Edward Dent 
  • 19th Century British opera, especially Michael Balfe, George Macfarren, William Vincent Wallace, Edward Loder, John Barnett and Goring Thomas.
  • The use of percussion and low brass in 19th C orchestration. 
  • The von Glehn family

Clifford Mills and Where the Rainbow Ends

In 1911, Roger Quilter set the children's story Where the Rainbow Ends to music. This work became a  classic of childrens' fairy plays, performed annually from 1911 until 1959, and touring during the second World War. Until now, the libretto has not received much attention, but recently, Valerie Langfield came into possession of papers forming part of the estate of Clifford Mills, the pen-name of Mrs Emlie Mills Clifford. These include manuscripts for Where the Rainbow Ends, as well as for her other plays.





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