Musician, Musicologist, Teacher

"Valerie Langfield has a life in music."

I teach privately and at the University of Manchester; I have a particular interest in technique (especially playing without pain). I also accompany and coach for exams and auditions.

I’ve been fortunate to have had very fine piano teachers, including the wonderful duettist Isabel Beyer, and then, while a student at Cambridge,  the South-African teacher Valerie Norman. I have a PGCE teaching qualification, and am a member of the Musicians’ Union, EPTA (the European Piano Teachers Association) and ISME (the International Society for Music Education).

Much of my teaching focuses on playing in a very relaxed - but still controlled - way, paying attention to detail, and above all listening. I have devised many little exercises (and use those of Valerie Norman) to promote a sound, safe and musical technique, and draw on the work of others to support my aims.



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